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Position Description:

HCBS Peer Specialist is a trained peer specialist who has personal experience receiving mental health services and/or psychiatric hospitalizations with a willingness to share to educate and inspire others. HCBS Peer specialists establish positive, strength-based, inspiring supportive relationships with a variety of people. HCBS Peer Specialists provide needed services to HARP enrolled individuals with chronic mental disorders and /or chronic Substance use Disorders within the individual?s homes, places of employment, places of internship, places of education and other areas within the community.


Key role:?

Provide individualized support and coaching to individuals in a face to face, one to one format (maximum individual caseload 15) and/or to groups of individuals (maximum group capacity 16) who have been affected by being giving a psychiatric diagnosis, substance use challenges and/or trauma to choose and build upon resources and opportunities to attain or sustain meaningful, healthy and satisfying lifestyles.


Activities will include: ?

  • ????????? Facilitate or co-facilitate key activities including, but not limited to:

  • ? ? ? ? ??Individual coaching, goal planning, peer support, assistance with daily living skills, support with social and work related skills. Assist with linkage to community resources, support with community integration and connectedness. Provide assistance with developing/increasing skills for coping and managing behavioral health symptoms and relapse prevention using natural resources. Raising awareness of existing services and helping remove barriers. Assist in promoting enhanced recovery-oriented principles of hope, self- efficacy; community living skills through a shared personal experience of recovery, promote and assist with advocacy regarding entitlement benefits such as food, clothing, and shelter. Provide education/ coaching for individuals and families, and co-create person-centered goal planning that incorporates community connections, physical health, spirituality and self-help.?

  • ? ? ? ? ?Co-create with the individual the Individualized Service Plan based upon the goals and objectives listed with the individual?s Plan of Care.

  • ? ? ? ? ?Co-Coordinate, co-participate in, and schedule activities that are consistent with the expressed needs, interests, and passions of the individuals.

  • ? ? ? ? ?Assist in creating and maintaining the safest and comfort ablest environment that offers opportunity for participants to engage and connect with each other.?

  • ? ? ? ? ?Maintain confidentiality and reciprocal high regard among all people who participate with the center guided by the key principles of respect and shared responsibility.

  • ? ? ? ? ?Attend and participate in supervision and other required staff meetings and learning opportunities.

  • ? ? ? ? ?Maintain required documentation in a timely manner in accordance with MHAW standards and funding source requirements. ??

This position is reserved for an individual who identifies as a person with lived experience from haven been given a psychiatric diagnosis, receiving or received mental health services and has the ability to relate to and support others based on the ?shared personal experience? paradigm.? The successful candidate should possess or be quickly able to acquire the following skills and abilities:

????????? Bachelor?s Degree is highly preferred.? Qualified for (includes, but not limited to ?having a high school diploma or GED) and at a minimum, and working toward their New York Peer Specialist Certification through OMH or OASIS.?

????????? Have at least one year experience in direct services working with persons who have been given a psychiatric diagnosis and/or trauma survivors

????????? Must be calm, patient, empathetic, supportive, have excellent listening skills and the ability to relate positively and enthusiastically to a wide variety of people

????????? Basic knowledge of the public health/behavioral health system including, but not limited to; mental health services and public entitlements

????????? Strong writing and computer skills, as electronic record is used.? Basic knowledge in computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Social Media.

????????? Willingness and availability to attend supervision, trainings, conferences, workshops, webinars to enhance their abilities and awareness of best practice

????????? Clean NY State Driver?s License as some driving with clients will be necessary

?????????? Bi-lingual, English/Spanish is a plus

?????????? Must have reliable transportation for this position

?????????? Mileage is not reimbursed for this position but is included within the hourly rate of pay - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist